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Pete--SC, Various cuts

“The fresh Italian sausage was so well seasoned that the pan sauce was one of the best I've ever made--4 Thumbs Up!"

Desiree F--MO, Jowl Bacon

"The jowl bacon was life-changing!  We don't normally eat pork but that was amazing!"

Russ P--MD, 2 Whole hogs, half beef

"Freaking fantastic, awesome, super delicious...Wow-no kidding.  I won't eat meat from the store anymore.  When are you doing chicken?"

Don Z--MO, Whole Hog

“Best sausage, best bacon, best guys did real good."

Carol V--OK, Various cuts

"I love this! Best pork I've ever eaten! Ya'll are still doing a great service for our country."

Katheryn P--SC, Chops and Brats

“I tried some of y’all s fantabulous meats. I can’t tell you how wonderful I think you are doing. At first I thought you were nuts but quickly learned how serious you were and wow is all that I can say.”

Beverly S--KS, Loin Roast and Bacon

“The roast and bacon were both very good!"

Tim A--MO, Brats

"Well, the Brats were great!! You get two native-Wisconsin thumbs up! I would have eaten three, but Kathy would never let me get away with that! Will get more for sure!"

Eddie M--OK, 2 Whole hogs

“This is the best bacon I have ever eaten!!”
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