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Farm Tour Testimonials

This  page is dedicated to the testimonials of those who we have had the privilege of showing around the farm.

Aaron & Angel R--Ava, MO

So, Aaron and I toured Air2Ground Farms a few weeks ago.  It's a beautiful place, great people! To be honest, other than bacon, pork is not that high on my list of preferred meats.  Until last night! I didn't think there could be such a huge difference in taste between forested pork and commercial pork.  I am blown away! We will never buy sausage from the grocery store again! Beef just got a new rival in our house.  Thank you Shelley and Rich for showing us around your property and schooling us on the massive difference between YOUR pork and the 'pork' we buy at the grocery store.  Don't believe me?  Try it.


Rick N--Theodosia, MO

"Air2Ground Farms is raising their animals the right way! No confinement on this farm, just pasture and woods, supplemented with non-GMO feed."

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