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TJ (Tank Jr) and Ghost

Beef cows in the snowstorm

Ducks playing in snow

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 1 Feb 2023...

Hey Y'all!!

Happy Hump-day Wednesday! 17 degrees with a slight breeze for a windchill of 11 met us this morning. That sure is cold on the fingertips! We searched in vain last year for waterproof winter gloves so that we could work with the animal water and still keep our hands warm. We tried multiple gloves that claimed to be waterproof and warm, none of them were both. If they actually were waterproof, they were rubberized and not very warm. If they were warm, they absorbed water and within minutes were no longer warm. This year, we haven't even tried. We grab the gloves that work best and go with it, knowing our fingers will get cold. The animals were all up and energetic this morning. I put a few pictures from yesterday above. The top pic is TJ (Tank Jr) and Ghost, both Toezer's brothers, romping in the snow. The middle pic is the beef cows in the cedars during the snow. The bottom pic is the ducks out playing in the snow. All of the other birds were huddled under their shelters but the ducks love all forms of falling precipitation! We focused on inside work yesterday and were able to avoid the worst of the snowstorm. We made yogurt and worked on inputting expenses into our accounting software. I became a member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition and requested to be accepted by the Homegrown by Heroes Label for the state of Missouri. The label is a cool little addition that both verifies and signifies military service. We will add it to our website and Farmer's Market banner. Today we will refresh the water and straw. We will also brave the roads to make a trip to town to deliver products to The Little Farm Store, our consigned local ordering and delivery service, bringing the Farmer's Market to your door.

A few days ago, I mentioned that our new satellite internet service was working very well and that we may try to upload some YouTube videos. We decided that we would upload something to YouTube everyday in the month of February. To kick it off, last night Shelley uploaded a 'Short' of us mixing hog feed. Check it out:

Very early in this adventure, we tried to do a few videos. Our upload speed was around 0.1mbps. Needless to say, it took hours to upload a single video. I was also learning the video editing and compilation process (Another thing they didn't teach at Fighter Pilot School!) so it took me a few hours to put together each video. As we got more and more animals, the time available for video production just went away. Now that we have better upload speeds, and have more of a handle on the animal requirements, we will try this again. This time, we will mostly upload unedited 'Shorts' that are less than 60 seconds. Our intention is to add a new dimension to the daily updates by sharing the sights and sounds of daily life on the farm. If you like the videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you will know when we upload a new one.

Local Farm Report for 31 Jan 2023:


22 Chicken eggs

5 Duck eggs

5 1/2 Gallons of milk




Rich & Shelley

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