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Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 30 January 2024…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Tuesday from Free Missouri! The weather is amazing! 60 degrees and sunny with no wind. The ground is drying out a bit but still very muddy in places. The pics today are the hogs after I gave them the bale of hay. The very next morning, it looked like they took a bath and cleaned themselves right up! They are slowly tearing the bale apart and eating and laying around in the hay. The flerd is doing well. There are 5 heifers that should be having calves in the next couple of months and the 6 cows should be calving in the same timeframe. The ewes will lamb starting the first week of April. We are currently in a bit of maintenance mode and they all look nice. Happy is still doing very well and we will start supplementing her hay with some GMO-Free dairy ration in the next week or so. She is due to have her calf the third week of March. This season’s first batch of 50 beef chickens start showing up on the 18th of March and every two weeks after that for the next few months. We’ve got about 6 more weeks of being lazy (HA-HA!) before we have to kick it back into gear.

In my 9 November 2023 blog titled “Real Cost of ‘Deterrence’ Airstrikes” I laid out for you an analysis of the administration’s strategy regarding the Middle East, in specific, we discussed the difference between deterrence and compellence. I highlighted that compellence is way harder than deterrence and the administration is messing this one up because they are playing a deterrence game while the only thing that will work is compellence. I left you with the questions “How long before American troops start dying?” “What is it going to take?” I charged the administration to “either compel the enemy to stop, or get the American military out of the way.” Well…we have the answer to at least one of the questions, 2 1/2 months. It took 2 1/2 months from the time I asked that question for three American troops to be killed. What has changed in the admin’s policy? Nothing. They continue to talk about deterrence. They use words like “a time and place of our choosing.” The enemy doesn’t care. They are ready to give their life for their fight. You cannot reason with someone who is in that state of mind. Retaliation strikes do nothing. If the admin continues along the road of “deterrence” and “retaliation” this will continue to escalate and more American lives WILL be lost. There is no other possible outcome. They have the WRONG STRATEGY!!

Monday’s Dust’er Mud episode was a short teaser discussion regarding the topic of my last blog, the lack of availability of CGMs here in the USA and how much amazing information is available from the devices. Check it out! And…on Thursday’s episode, we will dive into Hannah’s actual readings as she experiments with how her body reacts to different foods and situations.


Psycho & Shelley

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01 feb

May I send a link with your comments about deterrence and compellence. to Senator Tuberville and also to Robert Barnes' locals page?

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SHACK, Psycho!

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Thanks, Griz!

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If we say the admin's strategy is wrong, we must assume we know what outcome they are trying to effect?

Honestly, I don't know what their end-game is. So their strategy might actually be spot-on??

See where I am going here? 😱

I completely discount what they say. We know they are serial liars....

Sorry...I am in a bit of a bad mood!

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04 feb
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"Iraqi militias agree to stop targeting thousands of U.S. troops, who then can be safely removed from harm's way, more than two decades after the disastrous Iraq war."

That’s was headlines right before the same groups supposedly decided to attack. I would start with figuring out who benefits the most from our presence in the region.

Something tells me it’s not the majority of American people.

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