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We've Got the Beef!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 13 September 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Wednesday from Air2Ground Farms! The weather today was low 70s and sunny after a cloudy and rainy day yesterday. The temps seem to be transitioning away from summer heat to fall temperate. As I’m sure you can guess, I’m staying busy! The animals are all doing very well, with the highlight of the new sheep. This morning I was able to build them a paddock and let them out of the calming pen to graze—4th pic. Yesterday after morning rounds, I picked the garden and then spent the rest of the day inside preserving and doing things with milk while it rained. I made 1 1/2 gallons of yogurt and 5 pounds of cheese. I blanched, vacuum sealed, and froze a gallon of green beans. I sliced, vacuum sealed, and froze 6 quart bags of bell peppers. I vacuum sealed and froze a gallon of Thai peppers. I processed tomatoes, jalapeños, and habaneros and they are still simmering in the crock pot. I will can the sauce, hopefully tomorrow. I finished editing this weeks episode of the Dust’er Mud podcast around 10:00 PM. Today after building the paddock, I made a delivery and then drove to the processor and picked up our most recent beef. This one was a big boy and we put 693 pounds of beef in the freezer. As soon as I am finished with this blog, I’m going to cook a pound of the ground beef to make sure it’s as good as it looks. I’ll let you know in the next blog. The top pic is one of our beef herd heifers. She is part of the future of our herd and she looks great! The next two pics are the flerd hanging out for an evening graze. The 5th pic is the piglets and the 6th is the hogs, both enjoying their dinner this evening. The last pic is one of our bottom pastures, resting until the next grazing, after I clipped the tops of the grass seed earlier in the week. In the podcast this week, Shelley and I discuss the pace of life living 3 miles down a dirt road and chat a bit about the C40 cities. It will be public at 3:00 AM CDT tomorrow morning.

Local Farm Report for 11 & 12 September 2023


42 Chicken eggs

22 Duck eggs

8 Gallons of milk



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