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Waters Recede

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 25 March 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Good evening and happy Saturday! I hope you are having a great relaxing start to your weekend! The pics today start at out at the creek out of its bank and work around the bottom pasture over to the hogs. It's hard to tell, but the water in front of the hog troughs is flowing toward the creek. We got 3 3/4" of rain in just over 24 hours, on top of already saturated ground. By evening, as I suspected, the creek was over the banks. By this morning, It was still running swiftly, but back inside the banks. A ewe died. No apparent reason other than it stormed; and not the first one to die immediately after bad storms. We are still trying to figure out sheep. Good grief. The other animals are very good, to include the beef chicks. We have more 'standers' in the hospital brooder. We will move a few back to the main brooder this evening. Probably more importantly, there are no additional issues in the main brooder. We seem to have curtailed the crisis. This makes the second time I wrote the blog today. The first was while Makaylah was warming up for her Taekwondo Blue-to-Red Belt Test this morning. Just about the time I was really into it, my phone quit talking to the cell tower and the laptop gave me the no internet message and of course it also lost the draft. Shelley assured me everything is ok but I have felt like I was running behind all day. We bought new pools for the waterfowl and some 2-gallon buckets for tent weights. We also met some friends to deliver milk. Tomorrow, we will make some cheese and hook hoses to float valves to keep waterers full now that the freezing temps seem to be behind us.

Shelley posted another YouTube Short of our low-water bridge impassible with flood waters.

YouTube seems to like the video we posted that the kids hate. Over a thousand views, 11 thumbs up, 0 thumbs down. I know Griz liked it, what do you think?


Psycho & Shelley

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