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This Little Piggy went to Market

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 1 April 2023:

Hey Y’all!

Happy Saturday from Air2Ground Farms! It was a windy cool start to the day on the farm this morning. We got an early start, milking before daylight, so we could get to the Farmer’s Market by 8:00. The animals are all doing well; the beef cows and sheep are awaiting their hay, which they will get this afternoon. The beef chicks and layer chicks are both doing very well. They are starting to try to fly, which makes opening the brooder interesting. As we open the lid to refresh water and food, it excites the chicks who start jumping and flapping. We end up fanning the lid open and closed to keep the birds in place. The water situation is still good, quite the relief! We worked on more house projects yesterday. Dad and I installed outlets on the porch and barn and hung an outside light over the garage door. Mom made yogurt and cheese and Shelley gathered and prepped for the market. Today was market in the morning, soccer game this afternoon, and normal rounds.

Today was the first day of the Ava Farmer’s Market. We gathered and loaded yesterday evening in prep for the early morning start. We took a small deep freezer out of our pantry and it will now be our market freezer. We loaded it in the back of the dually and filled it with different cuts of pork and lamb. We plugged it in overnight and all was still deep frozen for the trip to town. We loaded eggs from the refrigerator into a cooler with ice packs this morning. The wind was blowing so hard that none of the vendors were able to set up a shade tent. Our new, snazzy sign hangs from our shade tent, so it stayed rolled up in the container. We pulled the dually into the parking space, moved the glass-door freezer onto the tailgate, used a string of bungie cords to hold the white-board sign to the tailgate, set eggs beside the freezer, and we were ready to go! Temps were hovering around 50 degrees but the wind was over 20mph and it felt very cold! The market was quite slow, most likely because this was the first one of the season and the weather was not enjoyable. The talk around our ‘booth’ [more like a tailgate party] centered around the massive goose eggs we had for sale. Most folks wanted to know if they were fertile (they’re not) and were disappointed with the answer. Looks like breeding geese could be a money maker. We sold quite a few goose eggs, mostly due to the novelty of cooking and eating such a large egg. We sold most of the lamb we brought but only one pack of pork. We were able to spend quite a bit of time chatting with a couple who we 'know' from watching them on YouTube for a few years. It’s an interesting conversation when we feel like we know them but they don’t know us. Overall, we think the market was a success, very much enjoyed the conversations, and look forward to many more Saturdays at the market.

Local Farm Report for 31 March 2023:

32 Chicken eggs

20 Duck eggs

2 Goose egg

6 Gallons of milk



Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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It was nice to catch up with the Farmers Market family

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