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Standard 50-Year-Old Male?

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 2 February 2024…

Hey Y’all!

Good afternoon and happy Fast-Jet Friday! The fast jet today is tail #131 from the 492d Fighter Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, the squadron I was in twice and Hannah is in now. This particular photographer is amazing at capturing the jets while flying low-level at a very slow shutter speed. He is able to hold the jet in focus while the background is blurred due to the motion. It gives you a great sense of the speed! The weather continues to be amazing in mid 60s and sunny. There is rain in the forecast for the next couple of days but the temps will remain fairly warm. The animals are doing well. You can see Happy and Stella in our YouTube Video from today. Happy is about 6 weeks from having her calf and her belly is starting to hang a bit lower. The pics today are the flerd enjoying a fresh bale of hay. The cows and sheep combined are doing a really good job at cleaning up the hay as we unroll it. The combination of their hoof impact and their pee/poo when added to the carbon from the hay is the best thing we can do to regenerate these pastures. Spring of 2023 was an amazing difference in those pastures and I expect this spring to be even better. We used the last of our milk today. We are now relying on our friends for raw Jersey milk until Happy is in milk again. We’re enjoying the break from milking but miss the time we spent with the cows.

As you have seen in our YouTube videos, we’re dedicated to our ketogenic lifestyle. That said, we’ve gotten a few questions regarding our bloodwork. We feel like it's a fair question as we often discuss this lifestyle as a better option to the Standard American Diet (SAD) but often it is berated in the mainstream as an unhealthy option. That leaves folks confused as to the validity of the lifestyle we have chosen. I’ll share my results after a brief discussion of heart-health markers and cholesterol. 1—The greatest risk for heart problems occurs where the LDL/HDL ratios are greater than 5 combined with triglycerides greater than 200. 2—Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL) are neither one cholesterol. They are both lipoproteins, which are made of fat on the inside and protein on the outside. They both transport cholesterol in our bloodstream. LDL transports cholesterol throughout our body and HDL picks up excess cholesterol throughout our body and takes it back to the liver where it is used or excreted. 3—HDL is generally considered “good cholesterol” because it is the indicator of the transport mechanism that is moving cholesterol out of your body. I am a 50 year old male, 5’ 10” tall. I weigh 160 pounds fully (winter) clothed with boots on...squarely in the “normal” body mass index (BMI) range. I eat high fat, moderate protein, very low carbohydrate meals without restriction on the amount I eat. I simply eat until I am satisfied. (I’ll put the “normal” range in parentheses.) My fasting glucose was 91 (65-99), which is entirely from my own body. My total cholesterol was 184 (less than 200), HDL was 81 (more than 39), and LDL was 87 (less than 130). My triglyceride was 82 (less than 150). Remember the greatest risk of heart problems occur with the LDL/HDL ratio greater than 5 and triglycerides greater than 200…my LDL/HDL was 1.1 and triglyceride 82. That puts me in a very low risk category for heart problems. The rest of my bloodwork was very normal with nothing significant to report. I wonder how that BMI, LDL/HDL ratio, and triglyceride compares to the Standard American 50-year-old male? BTW, Shelley's results were almost exactly the same as mine. Her total cholesterol was a bit higher, LDL/HDL ratio same, and triglyceride was way lower than mine. Bottom line: this ketogenic lifestyle works.

Thursday’s Dust’er Mud episode featured the results from the initial look from Hannah’s continuous glucose monitor. We took a close look at her numbers and how different foods, drinks, and exercise levels effected her glucose. Check it out!

Today’s YouTube Video is a “How to” video for making farm cheese without the farm!


Psycho & Shelley

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