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Sheep Show!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 17 August 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening from Air2Ground Farms! I hope you had a great Thursday and are ready for Friday. The weather here is forecast to be sunny and dry for the next two weeks. The temps were in the mid 80s today but will be in the mid 90s for the next week or so. In the ever present question of Dust’er Mud, we’re both! The roads are dusty and yet there are still mud puddles around. The animals are all doing well today, which is not a given. We separated the ewes and lambs yesterday. Procedurally, it went well. We went from the entire flock in the pasture to in the pens separated into two groups in less than an hour. We paused at that point for some farm guests to visit and look at some lambs to start a flock of their own. We then loaded the lambs into our livestock trailer because we didn’t think we could get them to walk away from their moms. They were a bit stubborn about loading onto the trailer but we finally got all of them loaded. Their ride was very short and they were excited to get out of the trailer. We then set up a lot of sheep nets to form lanes to get the ewes moved to the hillside lane across the creek farthest away from the lambs. While we were putting up the nets by the hillside, we heard quite the commotion. We scooted across the creek, thinking the lambs had gotten out and moved themselves back to the pens. We arrived to find it was only one of the lambs but all of the ewes were hollering back to it as it called out. We put it back into the sorting pen and finished putting up the nets. We let the ewes out of the pens into the net-lane and, although reluctant, they moved along. As we got them into their new area, the escapee lamb was still hollering and that was more than the ewes could take. A couple of them bolted through the fence but we quickly cut off the train forming to follow. We got them back in and put a net up against the fence, making it look like a formidable barrier. From there, we moved the lamb up here to the barn to at least minimize the volume reaching the ewes. We put nets around the entire lamb paddock, which was built with 3 electrified poly wires that didn’t stop the lamb from finding the ewes. So they are now surrounded by 3 electrified poly wires and nets, again looking like a formidable barrier. That held everyone in place but the noise was intense! Mammas and babies don’t like to be separated. The lambs moved to the corner closest to the ewes and hollered and the ewes stood at the gate and hollered. That went on until well after dark. This morning, calm had returned to the farm and everyone was back to normal. Everyone is still where they belong, thankfully!

Episode 3 of the Dust’er Mud podcast is out on the various podcast sites but my “fix” for the YouTube upload taking too long proved to be worse than before. We are 37 hours into the upload and are at 93%. It should be available for viewing tomorrow and I’ll send out the link. If you would like to listen before you watch, or just listen, the link is below. The top pic is Stella showing off how well she is doing with her new gate. She isn’t too keen on being restrained but is getting used to the process of getting to her food. We are easing her into it, making noise with the chain and moving the board back and forth. The next pic is the three dairy cows in their respective milk barn places. Next are the hogs, given the choice of milk-whey-fermented feed, or cucumbers, they chose the former. The bottom row is the lambs joining the group and then a couple of the new lambs that joined last week. I'm looking forward to sharing more thoughts regarding our Freedoms, which seem to resonate with you guys. I've spent the past 6+ months binge learning about what is going on with Artificial Intelligence and am excited to bring that topic back into our conversations. So many things to discuss, so little time!

Local Farm Report for 15 & 16 August 2023


59 Chicken eggs

21 Duck eggs

13 1/2 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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Aug 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Sorry, the song is "Rich men North of Richmond". he's got some other songs, but this is the one where the match gets lit. Enjoy! the Morgans


Aug 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think you all would be very surprised at how many people would come out of the woodwork when it comes to our freedoms. It is a little scary out there and seems many are waiting for the right time to voice their since you broached the topic, I'm bettin' more people will feel more at ease in talking about it. You all hear the song by Oliver Anthony? If not, look him up and give a millions of people, all types, feeling what he wrote and sang about right to the bone. it's called Rich Men from Richmond. I'm bettin' you'll feel it too.

Love the burger and a roast is going in the solar oven this…

Replying to

Thanks for your thoughts! I absolutely want all of our outreach, whether blogs, videos, posts, etc, to be a place to build community. There are so many of us, I think we need a place that feels safe to share our thoughts. We have heard the song and yes, we loved it the first time we heard it! Glad you are enjoying the meats!!

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