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Ram-tastic & Ram-ster

Hey Ya'll! Good morning from Air2Ground Farms!

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned the extreme cold we are expecting. We went to town yesterday and purchased an entire flatbed trailer load of straw. [BTW--a flatbed trailer is indispensable on a farm!] 63 small square bails to use as skirting around the two RVs onsite and one LARGE bail to distribute among the animals. We will continue to prep throughout the week. We still need to actually distribute the fresh straw, move some firewood, clear areas of the barn and garage to move vehicles under cover, etc. We will also move the fermenting hog and bird feed into the garage to keep it from freezing.

We had another successful morning staff meeting and decided today's main project is sheep. We have some ewes that need to rejoin the ewe flock and we will move them first thing. Nevertheless, the BIG news is that we are putting the rams in with the ewes today! Sheep have a 5 month gestation period and we learned the hard way last winter that we don't want to be lambing in the cold. So, we separated the rams from the ewes the first week of July in order to ensure we will not have lambs this winter. Today we will put Ram-tastic and Ram-ster back in with their ladies. Big day in the life of a ram! The photo attached is a pic of the rams and way in the background on the top of the hill, you can see the ewes. Needless to say, the rams are ready...the farm will not be "G-rated" for the next couple of weeks! We expect a beautiful crop of spring lambs out of our registered Katahdin rams in mid-May, as the weather gets warmer and the pastures get greener.

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Off to do rounds...

Cheers! Rich and Shelley

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