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New Beef Chicks Arrived!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 2 August 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Wednesday from Air2Ground Farms! It was a hot one today! It was humid and sunny, ensuring whatever you do outside leaves you drenched in sweat. The animals are all good today. The highlights of the day are the sheep (more below) and new beef chicks. The pigs are growing and are always happy to get their breakfast and dinner. The layer chickens are doing well, bottom right picture. The older beef chickens are growing and looking good, bottom middle pic. The ducks are still good, laying more regularly, ensuring their continued existence! The new beef chicks arrived at the post office today and Shelley went to town to get them and deliver some meat and eggs. We received all of the chicks we ordered this time, thankfully. They arrived looking good and energetic. Never one to wait until the last minute, I got the brooder ready while Shelley was gone to town, instead of waiting until she got back ;-). We spent the afternoon inside editing the podcast and getting it uploaded to the host site and scheduled to release early tomorrow morning. I’m currently uploading the video version to YouTube, which will take a few hours. I’ll post all of the links in tomorrow’s blog. We were notified that our beef is ready for pickup and the lamb was ready last week, so we will make a trip to the processor tomorrow. WE NOW HAVE BEEF, LAMB, PORK, CHICKEN, A2/A2 MILK, CHICKEN EGGS, and DUCK EGGS FOR SALE!! I’ve got work to do on our website to add the new products!

We worked the sheep first thing this morning, to try to beat the heat. I wouldn’t say it worked because we were all soaked with sweat by the time we finished, but we did succeed in completing before it was really hot. We were finished, with the flock back in their pasture, by 1100. The move to and from the pens was completely uneventful. It seems they are getting used to the process and are more comfortable with it. Shelley led them to the pens and Makaylah and I kept everyone together and moving along. We moved small groups at a time into the sorting pen and separated the lambs from the ewes. We checked the ewes for anemia by looking at their inner eyelid and dewormed about 10 or so that appeared to need it. Once we had all of the lambs separated and the ewes through the pens and into a holding paddock, we moved on to the lambs. We checked all of them for anemia and dewormed them all. Some of them were great, some were not great. It was a good call for us to deworm them. We trimmed a few hooves and gave everyone a nutrient drench. We hope we caught the parasite issue early enough to save the rest of them. One thing that we continue to learn is that you MUST do things on your farm that work for your farm, not just what you see other farmers doing.

Local Farm Report for 1 August 2023:


25 Chicken eggs

10 Duck eggs

5 3/4 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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