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Nanny State

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 26 January 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good morning and happy Fast-jet Friday from Air2Ground Farms!! The fast jest today is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle. Today’s jet is from the 492d Fighter Squadron from RAF Lakenheath England, where I was for 2 of my flying tours and where Hannah is now. The jet was captured last Friday during a max performance climb immediately after takeoff. Hannah is doing very well and is on a bit of a new fitness journey…more later. The weather is still warmer and still rainy. I’ll say that is better than freezing and rainy. The top few pics are the pigs enjoying their breakfast visually displaying the old farmer’s saying “if you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.” The mud is intense! As the ground begins to thaw from the top down, the top layer turns into slimy mud; no matter where you drive, it’s slick. Our neighbor got stuck in his driveway! I took the pigs a round bale of hay and they immediately began tossing it about, eating it, and burrowing into it. It gives them something to do other than digging holes in the soft ground and it helps them find a dry place to lie down. The other pic is Tozer smiling for the camera, not at all fazed by the weather. The only weather that seems to bother these guardian dogs is when it is hot. They really don’t like that. Otherwise they just don’t care. The ducks and geese are pretty sure they are experiencing heaven on earth. They are definitely the happiest animals with the soggy weather. All of the rest of the animals just endure it and go about their day. Winter on the farm!

I mentioned Hannah’s new fitness journey. She ordered a fitness device to track her glucose levels. A continuous glucose monitor for fitness purposes. She excitedly chatted with us about the very cool information it gives her and how she is able to use it to track how her body responds to her exercise and what she eats/drinks or if she doesn’t eat/drink. It gives her some amazing data regarding the effects of different foods, how her body reacts if she exercises while fasted or fed, even as simple as what happens if I eat a carrot. All of this is AMAZING information to help her make decisions about her health and fitness. She highly recommended we give it a try. Excitedly, I jumped on to my online shopping app of choice and tapped in the specifics for the brand she uses in the United Kingdom. I got no results. Undeterred, I checked the spelling and noticed that I used two words in the brand name when it is actually just one. I fixed it and hit search. Still no results. Hmmm…. I took off the brand name and searched for continuous glucose monitors for fitness. No results except for the glucose monitoring devices that require you to stick your finger and use a test strip. Now I’m starting to understand what is going on here. I do a web-search and immediately find the product. I go to the online store link and find that it takes me to their India site. Suspicions becoming confirmed, I do a bit more research and find that in the United States, you cannot purchase a continuous glucose monitor without a prescription. What? Why not? I can purchase glucose monitoring strips and the digital device that gives the same information after a finger prick. I quickly make it to the FDA site publishing their ruling on the device and find that they identified the “Risk” of users attempting to make clinical decisions was so great that it requires a prescription. Oh, and users might not understand how to use it. Basically, the FDA decided that only doctors are smart enough to be able to receive glucose information continuously. Us mere mortals can only handle that kind of information on a one-time basis after we make ourselves bleed. Not sure why, but the phrase “Nanny State” immediately popped into my nugget. So I looked it up and found the following:

“A "nanny state" is a term used to describe a government or country that has laws that tell people how to live their lives and behave. The term is of British origin and compares a government to a nanny in child rearing. It's used to convey the idea that a government or its policies are overprotective or interfere with personal choice. 

The term "nanny state" can also refer to laws and regulations that are considered overprotective and alarming, and are often found in the public health area. 

Some reasons why a government might have nanny state laws include protecting society or people's health. When the government thinks they know better than the people, it's called paternalism. 

The phrase "nanny state" first appeared in 1965 when England introduced a 70mph speed limit on its motorways.”

That bit of research left me confused as to whether I live in a Nanny State or a Paternalistic State. Things that make me go hmmm…

On Thursday’s Dust’er Mud Podcast, we discussed Intermittent Fasting and how it pairs with a ketogenic lifestyle to boost the amazing impacts of both.

In today’s Video, we make hamburgers with a Keto-friendly bun! Finger food for the Super Bowl!


Psycho & Shelley

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Jan 26

Sounds a lot like how they are the smartest people in the room on the right thing to eat with the standard American diet. A little control here and there is better for you than being able to make your own decisions…so they think!


The Feds know what is best. Just look at the Texas border situation!!

Replying to

Good grief.😪

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