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Murderous Raccoon!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 20 July 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Thursday from Air2Ground Farms! The day started with a slow steady rain and finished warm and sunny. The grass is growing like crazy! The animals are not all well today. We went down to the chicken tractor to feed the beef chickens and found that of the 45 chickens we put in the tractor this past weekend, 18 remain. 4 died from the storm as they got wet and cold, even in July. The others were raccoon food. It appears one got into the tractor and wreaked havoc on the group. I set a trap for the raccoon, hopefully we are successful. We moved the remaining beef chicks back up towards the house into a pen inside the layer yard. The other animals are doing very well. We split the flerd again and put the sheep into an area full of ragweed, which the sheep absolutely love but the cows don’t really care for. We put the cows in the area that includes the strips where past beef chickens ran, which is thick beautiful green grass. I included a few pics of the herd and flock. One of the ewes looks like it has a ponytail with her wool hanging. I also included a pic of Stella. She is changing color again and getting much darker. I included a couple of pics of the huge tree that fell across two of our fences. It just mashed the 2-wire high-tensile but broke through 4 of 5 strands of barb-wire. It is massive and we’re not sure how we’re going to get it out of the way. We’ll start at the edges and work towards the trunk and see what we are able to get done. It took us all day working with the animals and we were unable to process the garden veggies from yesterday. We’ll try to get it done tomorrow. It seems like there’s always more to do than time to get it done!

Local Farm Report for today:


28 Chicken eggs

19 Duck eggs

0 Goose eggs (I think they may be finished laying for the season. I won’t report again until they start laying again.)

6 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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Auntie Fiat
Auntie Fiat
21 juil. 2023

So sorry to hear about the chickens. Something tells me that 'coon is not long for this world.

Let me know if I can bring over a couple saws and help get that tree cut up and off your fences.

En réponse à

Thanks! Will do.

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