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mRNA Part 3

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 28 April 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Happy Fast-Jet Friday!! (Bottom pic is a 2-ship of Mighty-Mighty F-15Es flying low-level in Wales) It was an amazing Spring weather morning today. The sun was bright, slightly cool temps, gentle breeze. The top pic is a Happy Friday Pic, with me in my 334th FS Eagles' swag (Once an Eagle…). The top left of the collage is the sun rising over the flerd. The next pic is the hill today with a pic of the same area in January next to it for comparison. The bottom left is a pic of the easiest herd we have on the farm…the deer. They are in the lane and I happened to capture one mid-jump as it cleared the fence. The animals are great! The most exciting news is captured in the bottom middle and bottom right pics. We have a new calf! We knew the cow should be pregnant, but she is so tall that we weren’t sure she was. As we were finishing milking, we heard the guardian dogs fussing. Tank was whipping up on Ghost and Tozer and TJ was helping him. We paused long enough to see they were fussing over something. There should be nothing in their paddock to cause such a fuss, so I hurried over to check it out. They were fussing over an amniotic sac, but there was no calf to be seen. We immediately went on the hunt and spent about an hour, walking over 3 miles back and forth trying to find a calf. We were wholly unsuccessful in locating it. A bit flustered, we came inside to eat breakfast, while watching out the door to keep an eye on the cow. She kept walking to the corner, by herself, and calling. We had walked back and forth in the bushes and trees where she was looking and couldn’t find anything. About 5 minutes later, the calf walked out of the bushes! It was so well hidden that we could have stepped on it and never saw it. It was on the other side of the poly-wire and mom wanted it to come back. We made sure the fence charger was off and it just stepped through the fence, reunited with mom. Too cool! All of the other animals are doing really well. Yesterday we spent most of the day working on the website and brainstorming business strategies. We made a milk delivery to town in the evening. Today, we will deliver some pork, milk, and eggs. We will also move the flerd and build our piglet training pen. The piglets are scheduled to join the farm on Sunday. Shelley is on her way to pick up the next batch of beef chicks from the post office. Makaylah has a soccer tournament this evening. In any ‘spare time’ we will work on the garden.

Yesterday, I shared the email I wrote to my State Representative. In the Facebook post, I charged the Representatives with dropping the ball on the issue of labeling food from mRNA-vaccinated animals and potentially DNA altering inputs. I expressed disappointment that I thought the game was almost over with not much hope. Within minutes of sending the email, I received the following reply:


We loved that bill and had tons of emails and calls supporting the measure. Even though it was defeated in Committee this Session I am quite sure that we will be hearing from it again next Session.

When Session is over in two weeks I will have a lot more time and I would love to come by and check out your farm. My number is below.

Rep Smith

I obviously replied that we would love to host him on our farm and promised to call. I was encouraged to hear him say that he loved the bill. I look forward to showing him our operation and discussing what we are doing, to include our insistence on feeding GMO-Free feed to our animals and refusal to use mRNA vaccines. I am also encouraged to hear him say that they expect to be hearing from the bill again during the next session. NOW is the time for YOU to get involved. If you are in Missouri, find your local State Representative and let him/her know that you support HB1169 and request they do the same. If you aren’t in Missouri, contact your local State Representative and express your concern with what is going on in Missouri and let them know that you would like them to sponsor a bill similar to Missouri HB1169. In a follow-up email, Rep Smith ensured I understood that as my Representative, he works for me. Let’s take that to heart and let our lawmakers know that we are concerned with what is going on with our food!

We made a YouTube Short of prepping and grilling 3 whole 5 pound pastured chickens on the gas grill—check it out.

Local Farm Report for 27 April 2023:


23 Chicken eggs

14 Duck eggs

1 Goose egg

0 Guinea eggs

6 Gallons of milk

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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