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More Government Lies

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 3 November 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and HAPPY FRIDAY!! The Fast-jet-Friday pic today is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle with the heritage paint scheme flying low in Wales--Shelley said it's the mistress wearing her lingerie. The weather was COLD for this time of year, a few pics of the early morning frost and ice. This morning should have been the last frost for a while. Yesterday and today were both beautiful, cool breeze with sunshine. The cold snap was quite enough to kick us into winter prep mode. The garden is done whether or not we were. We were still enjoying some okra and greens but the temps in the teens took care of it for us. So, this morning we moved the chickens into the garden to get to work. We moved the ducks into the pumpkin patch yesterday so they can get to work. We’ll let them work throughout the winter preparing the areas for us so we can plant again in the spring. We moved the layer chicks out of the brooder and into a chick-shaw inside a large aviary pen. They will spend a few days confined in the shaw and then will get out into the pen. Big news…we put the rams in with the ewes! They were quite ready to get to work and did so immediately. There were a few minutes of ram collisions as they had to figure out their hierarchy but that didn’t last long. They are always together and normally get along swimmingly, but they just couldn’t help themselves. We should have our first lambs of the 2024 season at the beginning of April, a month and a half earlier than we did this year. As we moved the rams, we also let Stella the dairy heifer back in with Happy and Betty. If you look closely in the picture, we put a nose flap on Stella that will poke Betty in the udder if Stella tries to nurse. Betty in turn kicks Stella telling her to get away. We put them all together to allow all of them access to one of our frost-free cattle waterers so we don’t have to have hoses running across the ground leading to troughs with float valves. We’ve fed a few bales of last years hay to the beef herd in order to give the pastures a few extra days of recovery as the grass really slowed down during our most recent few weeks of no rain. We’ll be getting them back on the move next week. Shelley and I chatted about an important topic to us on the Dust’er Mud podcast this week. We discussed the lies the government and medical establishments have been telling us regarding food. The description and link are below…please check it out. We think it is a very important topic and discuss how we as a Nation are unhealthy due to the lies.

**The Real Culprit: Challenging Established Diet Beliefs | Dust'er Mud Podcast Ep.14**

Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of the Dust'er Mud Podcast. Today, Rich and Shelley dive deep into the world of dietary misconceptions that have shaped generations and ask some hard questions about the status quo.


- **Rethinking Ancel Keys**: Dive into the controversial studies of Ancel Keys (Lies) and discover how they impacted dietary guidelines.

- **Cholesterol - Friend or Foe?**: Delve into the cholesterol hypothesis (Lies) and its real implications for our health.

- **Ketogenic Revolution**: Discover how Rich and Shelley's personal journey led them to challenge mainstream nutrition beliefs (Lies) and adopt a ketogenic lifestyle.

- **Beyond Obesity & Heart Disease**: Understand the deeper health implications of the Standard American Diet (Lies) and why change is crucial.

**Did You Know?**: Tyson Foods invested BIG into an edible insect company and will open the first plant in America in 2025. Will you eat the bugs?

Whether you're looking to challenge your dietary beliefs, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of our farm, this episode has something for everyone.

Local Farm Report for 28-31 Oct, 1-2 Nov 2023


55 Chicken eggs

52 Duck eggs

18 Gallons of milk

For our local Ava Mo folks…We’re kicking off our Winter drop-site ops in the Ava town square at 11:00am Saturday mornings. Please visit the SHOP on our website to check out what’s available and let us know what we can bring you! If you don’t want to hassle with the website stuff, just send us a text, email, Facebook message, or give us a call! Shelley’s number is (417) 543-7844.


Psycho & Shelley

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Auntie Fiat
Auntie Fiat
Nov 04, 2023

Kathy and I are grateful for your food evangelism!!

We are not fully "reformed" yet....but hopefully heading in the right direction. One step at a time.

Replying to

You guys are most certainly going in the right direction!

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