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Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 26 December 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good afternoon and happy Boxing Day!! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and were able to spend time with family enjoying the day. It rained about an inch and a half Christmas Eve and the temps dropped a bit so we now have forecast lows in the 20s for the next couple of weeks. The animals are doing well and have adjusted to the colder weather. The cows, sheep, and dogs have all grown their winter coat and don’t mind the below freezing temps. The dogs, especially, love the cold weather. They refuse to go inside their shelters and are so much happier with frost on their fur than panting in the summertime heat. Friday, we performed the feed dance. We went to the feed mill and picked up 2 tons of GMO-free feed for the poultry, dairy cows, and hogs. The dance began when we got home with the huge totes. We still had about a thousand pounds of both dairy and layer feed in the barn in totes. We had to unload each new tote from the trailer, then lift the old feed out of the barn and empty it into the new totes, then move the now combined feed back into the barn. We made sure that as we were putting it back into the barn that we left room to put the ton of feed for the ewes that we picked up Saturday morning. Saturday evening, we had an amazing meal! The bottom pic is an in-progress shot. We submerged duck breasts and venison loin chops in duck fat and slow cooked them, making a confit. We added some okra we froze from the garden and it was all absolutely delicious! Lard is an acceptable substitute if you don’t have duck fat, either way I highly recommend trying a confit!

The top pic is an AI-generated version of the pic immediately below it. It’s really interesting to look at the aspects it got right and those that it just can’t quite understand. It thought the pictures behind us were actual people and generated someone lurking behind us. It picked up the crossed microphones but couldn’t differentiate the stands. It looks like it put a miniature person on the table between us. Today I failed miserably at getting AI to generate a pic for me. I asked it to generate a pic of a school of colorful fish all moving in the same direction and then put a single fish of a different color in the middle going the opposite direction. It could NOT do it. It made lots of pics of colorful fish, all going in the same direction. I was able to get it to make a single fish a different color than the rest of the school. It could not, however, make it go the other direction. I was using Chat GPT to interact with DALL-E to generate the pics. When DALL-E couldn’t make it work, I asked Chat GPT to analyze the situation and tell me why. It seems that it is a difficult problem for the image generating DALL-E AI to sort out and it just can’t make it happen. It’s very interesting to see how the image generating AIs are amazing at some things but are not nearly as capable as the Large Language Models at interpreting requests. Every time I’ve asked for an image that contains words, it misspells the words. AI has come a long way in the past year, but still has its limits.

Check out yesterday’s podcast answering a viewer’s question about how we price our products.

We also made a video of loading and taking the lambs to the processor.


Psycho & Shelley

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