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Merry Christmas!

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 25 Dec 2022...

Hey Ya'll! Merry Christmas!!

The ups and downs continued throughout the day yesterday. First the up...we were able to finish enough of the stanchion to hold "Happy" in place and I was able to milk her twice yesterday and once this morning. She calmly gave us wonderful colostrum that looks like liquid gold and will act as such for us in the future. We are new to this milk cow business, but I certainly was not expecting her to just stand there calmly for me to milk her. She may change her mind in the future, but so far it is very nice. Our other jersey, "Whoa, Black Betty Bam-ba-lam, (Betty for short)" appears to be getting closer to her big day. We continue to watch her and hops she waits for the warmer weather later in the week. Now the down...after constant attention throughout the day, the ewe lamb went from bad to better to pretty good to dead. One thing we have learned about this farming business is that death happens on a farm. One of our mentors says "if you have livestock, you need to be prepared for dead-stock."

We unrolled hay yesterday afternoon for the beef cows and sheep in order to shorten the time for rounds this morning, so we were able to get finished before 0800. All animals were in good shape this morning. It is supposed to be 32 degrees and sunny today so everyone will be able to warm up a bit. I'm off to enjoy Christmas morning with four generations of family. We wish you a wonderful day and hope you are able to make many happy memories.

Merry Christmas!

Rich & Shelley

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