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Market Day & Happy Easter

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 8 April 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Happy Saturday from Air2Ground Farms! Late post today due to the market and 2 soccer games. It was just above freezing this morning as we were milking in the dark. 34 degrees at 0700 and by 1200 it was 74 and sunny. Crazy weather. The top pic is our stand at the market. We had a great time and talked to lots of folks. We sold some things, I'll go through our receipts and report on Monday. I'm going to take Easter off from the blog and will catch everyone up on the weekend goings-on Monday morning. The farm is doing well today with the exception of one lamb that is sick. Not sure exactly what is going on but we are treating her and hoping for the best. The middle pic is the new layer chicks that just hatched. We still had a terrible showing from the same incubator that was a poor performer last time. I think we're going to toss it and buy another of the kind that is working. The bottom pic is our garden plant starts awaiting their move outside. We let the lambs out yesterday to enjoy some fresh grass and they thoroughly enjoyed it. We put them back in their small paddock overnight with hay and let them back into the grass this afternoon. That seems to be working well. We are going to attempt to edit a YouTube video of moving the beef chickens onto pasture and we still have one to do about the hog processing details. That will be our project for today and tomorrow. We wish you a Happy Easter! Catch you Monday!

I uploaded a YouTube Short yesterday of Stella meeting the electric wire. Check it out!

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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