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It's HOT!

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 30 June 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Happy Fast-Jet Friday!! Today's pic is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle flying low in England. It was a tiny bit less hot today but the heat index was still 106. We lost a few beef chickens to the heat yesterday. We were able to get them under a tree today and they did much better. We worked on the old truck a bit today, testing wiring and such. Took it to town and put the alternator on the tester and it tested bad. Changed it in the parking lot and the new one tested bad. That's 3 new alternators that have tested bad and the manager at the auto parts store said it is most likely the computer in the truck not sending a signal for the alternator to charge. So we took it to the mechanic. The fuel pump quit on the side-by-side again. The joys of having older equipment! We loaded everything for the market tomorrow and are hoping for a great showing. I'm off to take a shower and rest for a bit. Have a great weekend!!

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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Auntie Fiat
Auntie Fiat
Jul 01, 2023

So sorry to hear about the chickens. Our son lost one of his chickens last week to a stray dog. The surviving chickens did not want to leave the spot where he buried the dead bird.

Then later they were scratching and digging where the stray dog was buried.

Those birds know when they lose a buddy, it would seem?


That it is. Hopefully a break and rain would be wonderful!


It’s all part of the test! Hang in there…fixing old beats big payments on new!

Replying to

Thank you so much for the comment!! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you were listening to our conversation!!!

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