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"I NEED an Attorney!"

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 8 March 2024…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Fast-Jet Friday from Air2Ground Farms! The fast jets today are the mighty-mighty F-15E Strike Eagle. The top pic is an awesome pic of the sheer power generated by nearly 50,000 pounds of thrust. The next is a pair flying low through the mountains. The weather-guessers guessed right and its been rainy over the past couple of days. It should clear off overnight tonight and we will have mild sunny weather for 4-5 days. The bottom pics are of some new Air2Ground gear we have for sale on our website. The top 2 pics are the ducks and the goose enjoying their pool with fresh water. The sheer joy the ducks display with every pool of fresh water rivals that of all the other farm animals. The sheep are joyful anytime they are fed, but it is more like they are getting what they deserve. The pigs are joyful when it’s hot and you spray them with water, but they quickly tire of their spinning. The ducks, on the other hand, will play for a couple of hours whenever they get fresh water. The big farm news is…we went and picked out a new A2/A2 Jersey heifer. She is bred to a registered A2/A2 Jersey bull and is about 2 1/2 months bred. That means she should be calving in October. She is currently in our calming pen and will start learning about electricity in the next day or so. When she totally respects the electric wire, she will be able to join Happy and Stella. We’re releasing a YouTube Video tomorrow morning about going to get her and unloading her. We ask for assistance in picking her name and I would like to extend that offer to you also. Send a comment on what you think we should name her! You’ll have to check out the video tomorrow morning to see what she looks like.

After the last blog, Ms. SusieQMartin asked a question regarding the Amish farmer in Pennsylvania that is having troubles with the authorities and I promised to write a bit about it, so here goes. This is my understanding from the information I have gathered, I am not a lawyer, I am not there, and I have not talked to the farmer…and information is sparse and not always synchronous. That said, here goes. Amos Miller is an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania that has formed a Private Member Association (PMA) and is selling farm products to about 4,000 members of his association. He collects goods from various local farmers, along with the goods he produces, in a single distribution hub on his farm and distributes them to the members. Check out our Podcast we did with Ryan and Rene if you want to know more about PMAs. As a PMA, he is able to sell goods to MEMBERS in a private contractual relationship that allows the producer and consumer to forego many of the regulations imposed by government agencies, like raw milk, raw milk butter, and un-inspected meat products. A few years ago, a Federal Agency showed up to his farm unannounced and produced a cease and desist order and Amos signed it. That is where things went bad for Amos. Upon signing, he took himself out of the private contractual relationship he had with his members and squarely into the authority of the government agencies. He has been fighting ever since. It has cost him a lot of money in legal fees and the most recent news is that the Pennsylvania authorities came to his farm and confiscated much if not all of his products. From a legal perspective, as I understand it, he could/should have refused to sign the initial order and instructed the agents to leave his property. EVERY case regarding a properly formed and effectively operated PMA that has made it to the courts has either been thrown out, or received a ruling in favor of the PMA. When he signed the paper, he took himself outside the PMA umbrella and agreed that the agency had the authority they claimed over his operation. A famous comedienne has a great line when it comes to dealing with the authorities… “I do not recall, and I need an attorney.” Amos would have done well to have listened to her advice!

Check out Thursday’s podcast where we discussed beef and the cattle industry!


Psycho & Shelley

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I agree that “Hope “ is a beautiful name and perfectly appropriate for the new “princess “. ❤️


Mar 10

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Amos Miller issue. They seem to be making an example of him for some reason. What’s the drive for the state and federal government here?

As for your newest addition, I would offer the name Hope. You mentioned on the YouTube video that your milk helps those who can’t have other milk because of digestive issues. Your A2/A2 milk offers hope to others! Just some of my thoughts.



Mar 09

Thank so much for this info. I belong to a PMA they are an Amish family farm here in Northern IN. I am going to pass this information on to them. The explanation makes good sense. I know most of the Amish only have an 8th grade education so I am sure he was very perplexed as to how to handle the situation with the government. Thank look forward to the video!

SusieQ Martin


When I read the title, I took it literally and I started to choke a bit!

Hopefully we all learn something from Amos' situation.

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