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Happy Thanksgiving, Update on Betty

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 24 November 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good afternoon and happy Fast-jet Friday! The fast-jet today is the Mighty Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle, all taken during max performance takeoffs. To perform this, immediately upon takeoff you retract the gear while keeping a positive rate of climb, but not much. In fact, you try to climb as little as possible while maintaining a “positive rate” of climb. You then accelerate to at least 450 knots and pull 4 g’s to 60 degrees nose high. The result is a very quick climb to your assigned altitude, hopefully over 10,000 feet, which you reach rather quickly. Prior to reaching your assigned altitude, you roll over on your back and pull the nose down to level flight, rolling back upright at your assigned altitude. The last pic is the 48th Fighter Wing heritage paint scheme, which Shelley refers to as “the mistress in her lingerie.” The top pics are daughters 1, 2, and 5…after completing morning rounds yesterday. We had an amazing Thanksgiving meal and sincerely hope you did as well, we’re truly blessed to spend the day with family. We’re going easy on the farm projects while the kids are in town. The animals are doing very well, and Betty seems to be doing better also. She responded well to having a bit of green grass and yesterday she ate some hay. This morning, she ate quite a bit of her grain and then moved to the hay bin and started eating. She also seems to be getting over her diarrhea. Her test results are not back. Happy has enjoyed the extra goodies we’ve been providing to try to get Betty to eat. Happy’s been giving over 2 gallons a day for the past few days. The beef chickens continue to grow, and will be ready to process in a couple of weeks. The lambs are also growing well and will be ready to go to the processor in about 3 weeks. We’re ready to have a couple less “things” to do here in the next month or so.

We posted the next episode of the Dust’er Mud podcast Wednesday morning, so that folks could enjoy it as they were traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ll post a link below. We chat with some new friends who grew up in the Soviet Union and now are building a homestead here in Missouri. One of the more shocking stories begins with “My grandfather murdered my great grandparents so he could marry their daughter and take the farm.” It’s a really good chat with people who have lived through the collapse of a nation, and came out on the other side. Little did we know that Wednesday was going to be a YouTube day to remember. Our new friends, Kevin and Sarah from Living Traditions Homestead, mentioned the Dust’er Mud podcast during the video they released Wednesday. Not only did they mention the podcast, he quoted me and encouraged their viewers to check it out. Kevin and Sarah have almost 800,000 subscribers and have tens of thousands of views within the first day they release a video. Our site exploded and our subscriber count tripled within 24 hours. Some of the new folks even visited our website and subscribed to the blog…WELCOME!! Shelley and I are humbled that folks are finding our conversations helpful. Happy Thanksgiving!

As the regular readers have obviously noticed, I haven’t had the time to blog every day. Shelley recommended, and I committed to, a Tuesday/Friday schedule to write the blog. Hopefully, you understand…

Dust’er Mud Podcast Episode 17: Soviet to American Life: A Glimpse Into Collapse

Local Farm Report for 21-23 November 2023


38 Chicken eggs

25 Duck eggs

6 1/4 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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