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Happy Birthday!

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 28 Jan 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Happy Saturday and Happy 50th Birthday to Shelley!! Today is all about Shelley...except for all of the animals that don't seem to care it is her birthday; thus, we did morning rounds today just like normal. It was cold but the sunshine felt good again. I put a pic of the birthday girl right up top. We took a minute to ride around the property yesterday and stopped by one of our wildlife ponds. The second pic is the icy surface of the pond. The pond had water throughout the drought last summer and does a great job holding wildlife in the area due to the consistent access to water. We also completed the move for the female dogs to the area around the lambs. The bottom pic is the lambs in a tight group warily gazing at the dogs that now surround them. There is a net between the lambs and the dogs, but that didn't seem to put the lambs at ease. Nevertheless, within a few minutes the lambs forgot to be concerned about the dogs and just went back to eating and ruminating. This morning, the lambs acted as if nothing was different. We made 2 pounds of cheese yesterday and will make more yogurt today. I'm sure some of you are wondering...the answer is yes, we do eat all of the yogurt. Every morning we have eggs and yogurt for breakfast. Before our own milk, we spent about $25 per week on yogurt. Now, we just spend a couple of hours making yogurt. We don't have any special farm projects today and this afternoon we will go out for a sushi meal to celebrate Shelley's birthday. There is a really nice sushi restaurant in Springfield that we have decided is worth an annual birthday outing. We have a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic-style, way of eating and thus a once-a-year trip for sushi is a treat! Again, Happy Birthday, Shelley!

Local Farm Report for 27 Jan 2023:


19 Chicken eggs

4 Duck eggs

5 Gallons of milk




Rich & Shelley

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Jeff Macloud
Jeff Macloud
2023년 1월 28일

Happy Birthday, Shelley! Fun to read the Colonel’s Blog every week and follow you and the farm. Keep it up!

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