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Happy and Betty

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 26 Dec 2022

Hey Ya'll! Happy "Christmas Observed" Day!

Yesterday was a slow day on the farm while the humans took time to celebrate and get some much needed physical rest. We did the morning and evening rounds in our PJs under our coveralls! Now that's relaxed!! All farm projects were on hold.

I attached a pic of Happy in the milk barn. I'll try to get a pic of the milking process to share soon. Happy and I both continue to learn and are both getting better at milking by the day. Her milk is transitioning from pure colostrum to a rich milk. We are still freezing for farm use until we get the proper buckets and pails for human consumption. For now, we are very excited that things are going so well. Betty appears to be getting very close to calving so we are keeping a close watch on her. That said, Betty is quite food motivated right now and finishes her grain before Happy. She then tries to eat Happy's portion, the problem being Happy is restrained in a stanchion and I am beside her milking. Betty doesn't care and just mashes us to get to the food. So, today's farm project is to finish the stanchion by adding Betty's portion so she will be restrained as well during the milking process. Standing patiently while getting brushed will be great practice for her also.

Cheers! Rich & Shelley

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