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Happy 31st Anniversary!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 6 June 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Happy 31st Anniversary to my beloved bride! I love you and wish you were here but am glad you are spending time with family!!

Hello and happy Tuesday from Free Missouri! You guessed it, warm and no rain. Hopefully soon…. The animals are all doing well today. The last ewe had her lamb yesterday. We were quite sure she was going to have twins, but she only had one. It is up and doing very well—last 2 pics. Overall, we had one lamb still-born and two bottle babies out of almost 30 born. So far, we are very happy with the results. Soon, we are going to make processing appointments for a couple of wethers that were born last year so we will have lamb for sale again in a couple of weeks. The rounds this morning took me about 45 minutes longer than normal, not counting washing up after milking. I was happy with the way things went and I only had to backtrack once because I forgot the egg basket. I added a pic of the rams lounging and chewing cud. The pigs are growing and looking great. The top pic is Shelley and I at Hannah’s F-15E training graduation last year. The next pic is Shelley and her mom on our wedding day, both still as beautiful as they were then. I made a couple of pounds of cheese and have more on the stove now. Rebekah is bringing home parts for the truck so I’ll be working on it off and on over the next few days.

We have a raccoon that has decided it will invade the barn at night. The night before last, it knocked over an empty trash can on the porch and ate the cat food and left us some really nasty poop on the barn floor. Last night, it tore open a bag of chicken grit and scattered the granite pieces around. As it rummaged our shelves, it knocked down a tool box and one of our incubators. It also ripped into a $100 bag of calf milk replacer and made sure milk dust was all over my compound mitre saw. Oh, and it left another pile of nasty poop on the floor. The cats don’t seem to be effective at raccoon deterrence so it’s time to call on the big dog. I’m going to let Tozer out this evening and hope that the raccoon comes back for another pooping session so it can meet a 100+ pound Anatolian/Pyrenees. It hasn’t messed with any of the birds with Missy now living with them full time. The dogs are a lot of work and are expensive to feed, but they really do a great job at protecting the animals. Let’s see what happens tonight…!

Local Farm Report for 5 June 2023:


30 Chicken eggs

5 Duck eggs

0 Goose eggs

5 1/2 Gallons of milk



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