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HAIL Yeah!

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 5 March 2023...

Hey Y'all! Hannah got her Fighter Pilot Callsign yesterday! Here's a toast to "HAIL"!!

Good morning and happy Sunday! It is a beautiful day on the farm! Morning rounds were uneventful except for one of the geese that was not very happy about having her newly fashioned nest invaded by the farmers to collect her egg. She is getting quite protective, hissing and carrying-on. Hopefully she will channel that aggressiveness toward the crows and keep them out of the duck eggs! We moved things around in the garage and were able to get the brooders moved inside. We still have a bit of rearranging to do today but we at least have a place for the chicks to go when they arrive this week. We paused in the middle of the day to recognize Hannah. She is currently flying F-15Es and got named yesterday in the same squadron (492 FS Madhatters or Bolars) in which I got my name "Psycho." The top pic is me in my Bolar and Shelley toasting with the traditional Fighter drink, Jeremiah Weed, in shot glasses my good friend Bull and I fashioned out of spent F-15E 20mm bullets while deployed in Kuwait. Her Commander is a good friend and graciously sent me updates during the ceremony, allowing us to feel like we were a part of the celebration. So, please join me in a toast to the United States' newest named Wingman, "HAIL." The second pic is my idea of a tribute to the wingman.

The bottom two pics are blue-eyed hogs enjoying their fermented GMO-free breakfast. They absolutely love the feed. By the time they get it, the corn has fermented enough to start giving off its sugars, effectively making a sweet syrupy juice that they slurp up with gusto. We are going to finish rearranging the garage, to include cleaning out one of the refrigerators to make more room for milk and eggs. We are also going to spend about an hour hiking and then will begin garden prep. We have some logs in 5-6 foot sections that we are going to arrange around the perimeter of the garden as a cost-free border to help keep the compost/soil in place. The grass is starting to get green and we can see the beginnings of Spring. I leave you with a food-freedom thought that is banging around my cranium...given all of the current discussion/demands/upheavals in our great nation regarding our choices and freedoms, how much choice or what rights do we have regarding what we choose to put into our bodies through our mouth? If your only choices are given to you by your government, are those actually choices? More thoughts in subsequent blogs.

Shelley's YouTube Short for today is a video of the hogs enjoying their breakfast to continue the sounds of the farm theme.

Local Farm Report for 4 March 2023:


36 Chicken eggs

11 Duck eggs

0 Goose eggs

5 1/2 Gallons of milk




Psycho & Shelley

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