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Good Times!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 22 May 20223…

Hey Y’all!

Happy Monday from Air2Ground Farms! It’s been a nice few days here in the weather department, warm sunny days and cool nights. The animals are doing really well. The bottle lamb is still alive, growing, and is eager to take her bottle. We have her and her mom in a pen with tons of grass and no competition—they are doing well together. I counted 19 lambs when we moved the sheep today. We tried feeding the ewes some hay in order to keep them stationary for a few more days but they weren’t having it. So, we decided to go ahead and get them on the move, even with the little lambs. We separated the rams out of the flock then moved them off of the hill into the same paddock with the dairy cows. The pics today are of Tank hanging out in the shade with a couple of the lambs, the dairy cows with some of the ewes, and Stella and more ewes. We also effected a rejoin between the now ram-less ewe flock with the lamb crew. So the current status is a big flock with ewes and this year’s lambs and last year’s ewe and wether lambs. The rams are still on the hill in a pen where they will hang out until the ewes are out of sight then they can have a paddock and the male puppies are with the rams. There is a bit of chaos when we move the flock. The ewes are eager to get to the new grass and the lambs struggle to keep up. Inevitably, the lambs get separated from their moms and the bleating begins. The lambs cry out over and over until their moms finally call back, often with mouths full of grass. It takes about a half hour but everybody gets back together and things calm down. We moved the beef herd across the creek for a couple of days. We will probably bring them back across the creek Wednesday. We’re slowly moving them toward the hill with the new grass. They should get there this weekend. The market Saturday was another great day with lots of folks stopping by to chat. We sold a few chickens and are getting great reviews from those that have tried them. We moved all of the chicks, beef chicks and incubator chicks, outside! The garage is ours again. We went to visit some new friends’ property yesterday afternoon and had a great time hanging out for a couple of hours. We replaced the fuel pump on the side-by-side but it still isn’t working. We’re going to try a new battery next but they didn’t have one in stock so we’ll make another trip to town in the morning to get it when it gets in. We have a farm visitor for a few days arriving in a few minutes…we’re all excited! Oh, and tomorrow, we have a newspaper reporter coming to the farm to do a story. Good Times!!

Local Farm Report for 20 & 21 May 2023:


64 Chicken eggs

40 Duck eggs

1 Goose egg

11 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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