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GAO says "Barracks stink!"

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 28 September 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Good evening and happy Friday-eve! It was a sunny upper 80's kind of day on the farm today. The animals are good but I'll highlight the newest layer chicks. We split the group into two brooders and it would seem that the waterer in one of the brooders started leaking overnight. When we checked on the birds this morning, 9 of them were wet, cold, and barely breathing. They had decided to hang out in the water, outside the warmth of their brooder plate. Instead of milking, we went into triage mode. We quickly got them out of the water and onto towels. We dried them while setting up a small brooder with a heat lamp. We then got Shelley's "community-use" hair dryer and started drying them more. After about 30 minutes, 7 of the 9 were up, running around cheeping. Sadly, we lost 2, but that was much better than we initially thought. The hogs are another highlight. They are at that size I often talk about where they just turn into jerks. Their newest antic is ripping the hog panel off of the T-posts, lifting it in the air, and waltzing into the piglet's area. We tried to use rebar stakes to hold the panel down but they are so strong with their shovel-noses that they just lifted it anyway. This morning, we had enough and ran electric wire around the entire thing. When I fed them this evening, they were all in their area but 3 of them tested the wire to see if they could lift the panel. After having to wrangle them back into their area the past 3 days, I laughed out loud as they squealed. Betty is still getting slowly better. We commented that at least she didn't look worse today, which was an improvement. They can certainly loose condition faster than they gain it back. I forgot to mention we replaced the choke cable on the side-by-side on Monday. The old one was seized and we had just been grinding it to a start each morning. As the temps have been cooler in the mornings, that was getting harder and harder. It starts almost immediately now!

Dust'er Mud Podcast Episode 9 is out! The pics today are the candid shot I used to create the YouTube thumbnail and then the thumbnail. Please check it out and let us know what you think!

The show description is:

🌾 In this episode, we dive deep into the harmonious relationship between independence on our farm and the ties we share with our cherished community. 🌾


We begin by revisiting our previous discussions from Episode 8 on the military recruiting crisis that sparked intense online engagement and insights into our sheep operation and our dedication to pasture-raising our lamb with GMO-free supplementation.

**Farm Update:**

- Celebrating a local family's journey into the sheep business with our delivered "starter flock."

- Our brooder beef chicks are flourishing, and we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of layer chicks.

- Catch the latest on our recent delivery of 5 hogs to the processor.

- Wishing Betty, our beloved Jersey cow, a swift recovery from pneumonia.

**Topic of the Day - Farm and Community:**

1. **Embodying Freedom through Farming:** From retiring from military life to fully embracing the farming world, we share how we've shaped our farm operations to resonate with our deepest values.

2. **Farm-Community Dynamic:** Dive into our commitment to the community, offering freedom from industrial proteins, and delivering premium, affordable products. We're proud to be your farm-to-fork choice.

3. **Economic Ties:** From our partnership with the local GMO-free feed mill to our close-knit economic ties, discover how we champion local businesses.

4. **Shared Knowledge and Resources:** Hear about our enriching collaborations with farms like the Ozarks Heritage Farm, and the magic of shared community resources.

5. **Future Vision:** Join us as we dream of a future of farm tours, community gatherings, kids camps, and more.

**Current Event Discussion - Military Barracks:**

- Delve into the GAO's findings on military barracks. From the pressing concerns about service members' quality of life to the challenges DOD faces in maintaining barracks, we shed light on it all.

**Closing Remarks:**

Stay tuned for a tantalizing sneak peek into Episode 10 where we'll explore the wonders of raw A2/A2 milk. And as always, we welcome you to share your invaluable thoughts on independence, interdependence, and everything in between.

Join the Dust'er Mud family and be a part of our journey. If you're looking for local farmers and fresh produce, check out [](

Full GAO Report—113 pages:

Local Farm Report for 27 September 2023


12 Chicken eggs (we processed 32 hens and still harvested a dozen eggs)

8 Duck eggs

2 1/4 Gallons of milk

32 Stew hens

5 Young'n tender "yard-bird" roosters

1 Old'n tough "yard-bird" rooster

1 normal-weekday (not Christmas) goose

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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Auntie Fiat
Auntie Fiat
Sep 29, 2023

I still remember the Barracks we had at the rifle range on Parris Island in 1976.

Pot belly stove. You could see daylight through the walls in certain spots.

Of privacy. Zero. Even in the head (bathroom to civilians!).

So glad to hear Betty is mending!!

Replying to

Oh yeah! I'm sure those conditions made you want to tell every one of your friends they too should join!

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