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Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 24 May 2024…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Fast-Jet Friday from Air2Ground Farms! The fast jet today is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle with our daughter, Hannah “HAIL” Slayton in the front seat flying that beast low level through the mountains of Wales this week. She is rocking the 4-Ship Flight Lead Upgrade program and should finish soon. Although lots of rain has been in the forecast, we’ve only had a few rainy days. That said, the mixture of rain and warm sunshine is amazing for growing grass…which is, in turn, amazing for grazing cows and sheep! Y’all, we’ve been FARMING this week! The top pics are our new feeder piglets that arrived on the farm on Sunday. We got 11 piglets that will be our fall pork harvest. If our new farrowing operation works as planned, these may be the last feeders we have to buy. We built them a training pen and a shelter in the pen, put up electric wire across one corner to train them, and today we put up a net around a single electric wire and let them out of the training pen into the forest. From arrival to trained and in the forest in 5 days, not bad! The next pic is one piece of barbed wire fence we installed with my dad and mom at their property. We got about 400 feet completed and have about 400 more to go. When we get it finished (and patch some more fence), we’ll be able to move some of our yearling steers over to their property (about 20 minutes from here) and finish them over the summer on some amazing grass. They should gain well and be ready to butcher in the fall. The next pics are our beef chickens in their different phases here on the farm. I took all of these pics today! We start with 50 chicks in the brooder that are 1 week old. The next is 50 chicks that moved onto the pasture today that are 3 weeks old. Following that is 50 chicks that have been on pasture for 2 weeks that are 5 weeks old. After that one is 50 chicks that are about 4 days from processing, have been on pasture for 4 weeks, and are 7 weeks old. The final pic is of a couple from Batch 1 that moved to freezer camp last week. When I described to you, a few months ago, what we had planned…this is what that looks like. Every 2 weeks, we will process chickens and will have fresh chicken for sale throughout the summer. We will process the last batch of the season at the end of September. All of the Beef Chickens are doing very well and grow like freaks! The 4 turkeys are also doing well and they moved into the brooder that the chicks vacated today. We’ve been doing all of the other farm stuff too; like milking daily, made a paddock for the breeder hogs, moved the cows, fed everybody…all the time it seems, delivered meat and milk, and got ready to go to the Ava and Forsyth Farmers Markets tomorrow. Oh, and we made 2 YouTube videos.

Sunday’s video was a kitchen video where we made a keto version of the famed McGriddle!

Thursday’s Dust’er Mud Podcast was about our friend’s dad who is a diabetic recovering from heart surgery and we reveal his shocking meal “prescription” the Medical Establishment expects him to follow. We were floored!


Psycho & Shelley

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