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Farmer Win, AGAIN!!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 5 April 2024…

Hey Y’all!!

Good evening and happy Fast-Jet Friday from Air2Ground Farms! The fast jets today are the Mighty-Mighty F-15E, courtesy of our resident F-15E pilot, Hannah “HAIL” Slayton (daughter #2). The pics were taken from Hannah’s jet as they transited the United States, leaving Las Vegas, NV en route to Panama City Beach, FL. They flew a portion of the sortie in formation with a tanker which refuels the jets in flight. There is a pic of one jet over the Grand Canyon, a 2-ship in close formation, and one over the Gulf Coast of Florida. Thanks for sharing your flight with us, HAIL! The Ava Farmers Market starts tomorrow!! Back at it! The farm is still hopping and dropping! The animals are doing very well. The next round of beef chicks showed up today and is in the small brooder. The first batch is still in the big brooder for another week. Then they move to the pasture, the next group moves to the big brooder, and the following week, the third group shows up and moves into the small brooder. Hogs go to the processor on Monday. Milking is going very well and we are all getting in the swing of things. The lambs continue to arrive! The top pic today is Sheepster and her new lamb. Sheepster is a bottle lamb that lived with us in the RV during our first winter here on the farm. It was so cold that winter! We were able to bring her back from near death due to hypothermia three times! After the third revival, we realized that outside with her mom wasn’t going to work and she lived with us in the camper, diaper and all. It was really cool to see her with her new ewe lamb. Speaking of which, her lamb only had one front leg out as she labored. It was officially stuck with one leg pinned back against its body. We knew she was starting labor that morning and when I went to check on her a couple of hours later, I saw that she was having difficulties. Shelley and I rushed out to help. Once again, I pulled the lamb. Mom and daughter are both doing very well! Farmer Win, Again!!

Check out this YouTube Short of Sheepster in my lap in the camper, chewing her cud.

Thursday’s Dust’er Mud podcast was a long discussion about the possibility of making a homestead or small farm profitable.


Psycho & Shelley

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