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Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 2 Jan 2023...

Hey Ya'll! Happy New Year's Day Observed!!

It is a very dense fog morning on the farm today. We successfully un-Christmased the house and generally tidied up. It is always a mixed emotion event with a bit of sadness for the end of the holiday season but with eagerness for what the new year brings and the calmness of a tidy house. We successfully brought our first gallon of for-human-consumption milk into the house yesterday evening. The top pic is immediately after putting it in the glass jars and the bottom pic was this morning after the cream separated and rose to the top. The cream really does rise to the top! We will use a ladle to skim the cream, giving us heavy whipping cream. The remaining milk will have the fat contend similar to that of whole milk you buy in the store. We plan to make yogurt today with some of the milk.

Our farm projects today are to prepare for the forecast thunderstorms this evening and to give a farm tour. We will make sure things are battened down in prep for potential high winds. The exciting part of the day is the farm tour! We thoroughly enjoy showing-off what we are doing. We normally take about an hour and a half and use the side-by-side to ride around the property and discuss the different aspects of the farm. It gives us an opportunity to talk about how we are regenerating overused pastures, reclaiming pastureland from sapling overgrowth, the amazing job the pigs do clearing the forests, etc. In the spring, summer, and early fall when we are moving the cows and sheep everyday, we normally reserve their daily move for the tour. It is always exciting to watch the move be done simply by saying "sheep, sheep, sheep" or "come on cows" and then the respective animals eagerly move themselves to their new paddocks. This time of year, they are in their winter paddocks and we bring them hay, so no moves for the tour today but we will ride around and look at all of the animals and discuss their contribution to the regeneration process. We would love to show you around the farm!

Cheers! Rich & Shelley

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