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Farm Guest Perspectives

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 24 May 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Wednesday! Beautiful weather again on the farm today. The animals are good today but we did have one loss. A young ewe had troubles during birth and the lamb died. Other than that, lambs and ewes are great. The paddock reminds us of a summertime pool with kids playing Marco Polo. The lambs awake from a nap and mom is not right there. They yell “maaam!” Silence. “Maam!!!” Silence. “MAAAAAAMM!!” Finally a ewe replies “Baah.” That excites the lamb—“MAAM! MAAM! MAAM!!” “Baah.” This happens all day with twenty-something lambs. The beef herd is still across the creek and we will probably bring them back across tomorrow. The big event for today was the duck move. We took up one side of the duck yard and began herding them east. We walked them across the yard toward the large paddock with the layer hens and roosters. The geese that protect the layers met the ducks at the fence line and demanded “You shall not pass!” We moved the geese and then walked the ducks into the large yard. The chickens and roosters could care less about the ducks. They basically ignored each other. Teeter the goose was a different story. She didn’t want the ducks in her chicken yard. Finally, she grabbed a duck by the feathers on her neck and just held on while the duck walked around. It took a while, but the geese finally calmed down and things are now good--notice Missy the guardian dog in with the birds. She is learning and doing very well. Things were a bit slower today. We did things with milk and tomorrow we plan to move the beef herd, ewes/lambs, and start on the next pig paddock.

I asked our farm guest to share her thoughts after a couple of days on the farm. Thank you Sue for spending time with our family and for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

Hi everyone from the visitor (mentioned Monday). In classic military form, here’s my debrief. Sustainable eating is a core value, I’m a good friend of the McGlamorys and visiting the farm was just a good excuse for a road trip (1068.3 miles!). This farm is amazing. The rhythm of life is different/better. The different animals all have their own styles, personalities and tastes, which need to be accounted for. You spend more time watching and listening. Had farm food for every meal, what a great way to eat.

The McGlamorys have built up a system of rotating pastures that keeps the animals grass fed and also sustains the land. I had no idea you could whip up a new fence with some push in stakes and a couple of wire lines (and a solar panel to charge them). They make and take down fields as they need them. It’s hard to believe this is a new farm, the McGlamorys operate like they have been doing this for years. What a break from DC -had a great visit!

Local Farm Report for 23 May 2023:


32 Chicken eggs

17 Duck eggs

1 Goose egg

5 3/4 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley…& Sue

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