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Farm Black-Gold

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 13 Feb 2023...

Hey Y'all!! Check out our YouTube video, Morning Rounds!

Happy Monday morning from Free Missouri! What a beautiful morning ! The air is crisp and the sun shining. We spent the afternoon yesterday editing and posting the YouTube video from morning rounds Saturday. We actually had fun and enjoyed working with it. Once we got all of the clips into iMovie, we clipped the portions of the beginning and end where it showed us scurrying to set and retrieve the camera. We then decided which clips to speed up and which ones to keep at normal speed. We then added the titles to the correct spots to assist the transition between different portions. Following the titles, we picked music to match the different portions of the video. We selected from the very limited, free, music resident to iMovie. When we chose the music for the greatly accelerated clips with us on the side-by-side, we just sat and laughed! Finally we watched the entire thing and made minor adjustments, laughing each time the music played with us on the side-by-side. Shelley has a great feel for this and makes an awesome producer..."Fade that music out and the next music in." "That's too abrupt...better...better...PERFECT!" "Take a second off the beginning of that clip." etc. It was very cool working together to make the video! So far, we have only thumbs up, no thumbs down. Interestingly, of the 83 current views, the average time spent watching the almost 9 minute video is just under 4 1/2 minutes. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it and it gives you a bit of insight into the Morning Rounds! We also spent some time in the evening relaxing and watching the Super Bowl. First thing this morning, I called the tractor parts folks to reorder the part for the tractor. After only one condescending, "How do YOU know that's the part you need?" ("Because I'm reading you the number off of the old part!") it is now ordered. It should be in by the end of the week and on the bright side, we are now pros at replacing that particular cable. We plan to work outside in the beautiful weather today. We will clean out some of the 'waste' hay from the lambs (they like to eat the leaves off of the hay and leave all of the stemmy bits) and take it to the hogs. We will also try to get more fence line cleared. Oh, and we have to go to town for alfalfa pellets, hay for the lambs, and cat food. The top two pics are Shelley and I with the hogs this morning. The bottom pic is one of our Cayuga ducks I mentioned yesterday--we got another black egg today!

A great friend asked me about the part of the video where it seemed that I may be dumping cow manure into the chicken yard, so I thought I would mention it here. Yes, we give the fresh manure to the birds. They love picking through it to find all of the undigested non-GMO grain from the dairy cows. There are also loads of little bits of grass/hay that they enjoy eating. There are lots of minerals they get by picking through it. Finally, they spread the pile way better than I could with a rake or shovel. On the home/farmstead, manure is the foundation of nutritious and regenerative growth. Manure contains essential nutrients for healthy plant growth like nitrogen and phosphorus. It increases soil organic matter which improves the overall health of the soil increasing crop gains and reducing water runoff. It is an important food for worms which also improve soil health and greatly improve garden productivity. Overall, it saves money by reducing fertilizer usage while increasing fertility. Thus, we carefully plan where the manure goes, how much goes there, how it will be collected/distributed, and what effects we expect it to have. Then we take note of the results so that we can adjust, if necessary, in the future how to best use this black-gold!

Shelley's YouTube Short today is: American Milking Devon Ready to Move.

Reminder to check out our video Morning Rounds! And, as always, Hit that Subscribe button!

Local Farm Report for 12 Feb 2023:


26 Chicken eggs

13 Duck eggs

5 1/4 Gallons of milk



Cheers! Rich & Shelley

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