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Duck Eggs

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 22 Dec 2022...

Hey Ya'll! Good morning from A2GFarms!

We got an early start to our day today in order to complete morning rounds prior to the storm. We were feeding the hogs when the front arrived. We could see the edge of the fast-moving clouds and hear the wind approaching. We made it inside prior to the snow and temperature drop. We completed all of our cold weather prep yesterday and ended the day after dark by mixing bird and hog food with warm water in the garage in order to continue fermenting their food in the below freezing temps. We use only non-GMO feed for our birds and hogs and after much research and trials we find that fermenting the feed absolutely makes a positive difference to the quality of the eggs and meat.

We are slowly adding birds to our flock or waddling of ducks. We also have 3 geese that act as guardians for our 2 flocks of layer chickens and our waddling of ducks. As a side note, we have 7 Guinea fowl making up our confusion of Guineas. Back to the ducks...our family loves duck eggs! They are larger, richer, have larger yolks, and have a milder flavor than chicken eggs. They are amazing for baking or we think they are amazing in any way you normally use eggs. In the store, if you can find them, duck eggs normally cost $1 an egg or more. This morning, I gathered 17 duck eggs from their little straw-lined house and I paused for a short moment and reflected. We started this entire "farm-steading" adventure with the goal of providing amazing food for our family, friends, and community. The simple act of gathering those duck eggs this morning reminded me that in a little over a year, we are smack dab in the middle of our dream. I encourage you to take a moment today and remember back to when your current situation was an anticipated dream.

Stay warm and Merry Christmas!

Rich & Shelley

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