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Chimango Caracara

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 1 December 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good afternoon and happy Fast-Jet-Friday! The fast jet today is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E Strike Eagle. In my first squadron, we had a face-on profile shot, similar to this pic, with the words “Be Afraid of the Dark” above it. You wouldn’t want to be a bad guy and see that warhorse approaching! We got an inch and a quarter of rain yesterday, with the system showing up from the south which brought some warmer weather. We should be above freezing for the next week or so. We’re still anxiously awaiting the test results from Happy, we should hear something early next week. She is looking great and her milk production is steady, all good signs. The beef cows are doing well, but running out of grass to pick at, so we’re feeding hay more frequently. We’re still able to do every other day but will have to move to daily soon. The ewe flock is looking amazing and we’re letting them graze multiple pastures to get what grass they can before moving on to hay for the winter. The lambs have 10 days remaining on the farm and it looks like we’re going to stick with the original plan of taking 10 to the processor to sell as cuts, and processing 6 here on the farm for our freezer. The beef chickens are 10 weeks old but we aren’t happy with their size so we’re going to keep feeding them for another week or so. We think they are a bit slow in growing due to the amount of cold weather we’ve had. They’re having to burn so much energy staying warm that it’s slowing their growth. That means we’ve got to go get more feed today as we did a great job of estimating the feed we would need to get them to 10 weeks…not 11 or 12. The middle pics are our breakfast the past three days. 1) Pound of ground beef, pour in 6 duck eggs and cover until egg whites are done; 2) Pound of bacon, pour 6 scrambled duck eggs in, fold gently until eggs are soft scrambled; 3) Pound of jowl bacon ends and pieces, pour on 6 duck eggs, cover until egg whites are done. Of course, all beef, bacon, and jowl bacon fat is included, making this an awesome (and delicious) Keto breakfast! And, of course all came from here on Air2Ground Farms! Nutrition facts per person you wonder? Ok...for the beef and egg meal: 1003 kcal, 82.2g Protein, 70.2g Fat, 4.35g Carbohydrate. For each of the bacon and egg meals: 1443 kcal, 69.4g Protein, 125.4g Fat, 4.35g Carbohydrate. That's the count for each of us...I had that much and so did Shelley. Calories don't matter when you eat this way, just keep the fats high and the carbs very low.

The top pic is the layer chicks. They are doing very well and growing as expected. The pic below that one, I share to hopefully make you smile. When I was reviewing the pic on my iPhone, I saw a new AI button and it was telling me that it had identified the subject of the picture as a bird. It offered me the option to identify the bird. Obviously, I had to. I wanted to see if it could pick the breed of chicken, as it is a hybrid “Red Sex-link” from Murray McMurray hatchery. I was going to be impressed if it could come close. I laughed out loud, making Shelley give me the “what are you doing over there” look. Not only did it not give me the correct breed, under the Heading “Siri Knowledge” it told me the object of the photo is a “Red Junglefowl.” Now, the pic it has of a Red Junglefowl is obviously related to a chicken, probably the origin species of our domesticated bird. The other option was “Chimango Caracara.” I really expected it to say “Chicken.” If it was talking, I would expect it to say in a sarcastic voice “It’s a chicken, duh.” I use this as another example of the level of caution we should use when approaching information offered by Artificial Intelligence. The answer to your question may be as simple as “chicken” and AI tells you that it is a Chimango Caracara.

Check out this week’s podcast “Millennials ARE Freedom’s New Guardians” where we dive into the topic of Freedom with our own F-15E pilot, Hannah, and her husband and KC-135 pilot, Matthew. We’re super proud of these two and I know you will be too after checking out this episode.

Local Farm Report for 28-30 November 2023


17 Chicken eggs

17 Duck eggs

6 1/2 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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