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Beef's a Huge Hit!

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 16 September 2023...

Hey Y'all!

Good evening and happy Saturday from Air2Ground Farms! I'd like to start this blog by welcoming a few new folks to the family, it's great to have you joining the conversation! I encourage you to check out the blog section of our website where you can see what's been happening on the farm since December 2022...and get a feel for the types of things we discuss. The weather has been great since I last checked in with you, sunny and mid 70s-low 80s. Since I missed you on Fast-Jet Friday, I added a pic today. The last pic is the Mighty-Mighty F-15E, this time flown by our own Hannah "Hail" Slayton taking off from RAF Lakenheath, UK with a daytime moon as a backdrop. The animals aren't all awesome. This time, it's the dairy cows. They are on a slow-strike. They decided they aren't happy with us after we cut their paddock from about 5 acres to about 1/2 acre. They went from producing 4 1/2 gallons a day until today it was 1 3/4 gallons. We were hoping to let their area rest a bit and supplement them with some fresh hay. They aren't having it. As the saying goes, you can lead a dairy cow to the hay, but you can't make her eat it...or something like that. We're going to expand their paddock tomorrow morning and hopefully they decide to stop the strike--standing up to "the man," I guess. The rest of the animals are doing very well. Thursday, I split the flerd and moved the beef herd across the creek. I then mowed a couple of acres where they left to knock the tops off the remaining grass seeds. Thursday evening, as I was loading the dishwasher, two of the little packets were stuck together and instead of tossing them both into the bottom, i tried to pull them apart. One of them split, streaming liquid fire into my left eye like a spitting cobra. I rinsed for the prescribed 15 minutes and by this evening, it's a bit less red and less swollen. I made milk and egg deliveries to town about a half hour after, driving with one eye open and one screaming at me. Friday, I tried to take things a bit easy and rest my eye but farm stuff still must be done. Thankfully, Shelley and Makaylah returned from their quick trip Friday afternoon. Today's market was the best of the season. The beef was a huge hit! Beef and pork were both big sellers. We are sold out of chicken and no one was interested in lamb today. The main pic today is a couple of ribeyes. Following that is a pack of ground beef, front and back, and the ground beef meal I told you I was going to enjoy...hopefully. I used salt and pepper and put it in a non-stick skillet and cooked it hot and fast. It got a nice crust and stayed red in the center. It tasted amazing! The next pic is of a chuck roast. The following two pics are a couple of NY Strips we cooked to taste the steaks. Again, we used salt and pepper and put them on the gas grill. I put them on offset heat for a few minutes and finished them over the fire. Again, nice crust outside and red inside. Again, amazing flavor! We are very excited to sell this beef. Now that Shelley is back, life is returning to normal and I'll have time to share other thoughts, rather than just farm updates. I hope you're having a great weekend!

Local Farm Report for 13, 14, & 15 September 2023


88 Chicken eggs

16 Duck eggs

7 3/4 Gallons of milk

693 pounds of Beef in the freezer

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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You guys are ROCK STARS!!!

Rich and Shelley McGlamory
Rich and Shelley McGlamory
2023년 9월 28일
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