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Beef & Lamb For Sale!

Colonel’s Blog, Earthdate 3 August 2023…

Hey Y’all!

Good evening and happy Thursday from Air2Ground Farms! It was oppressively hot today, sunny and hot. We quickly did morning rounds and picked the garden. We were finished with the garden by around 1100 and were soaked with sweat, I mean dripping. We picked a whole lot of tomatoes and still are getting cucumbers. We got some jalapeños and bell peppers. We’ll have to spend a few hours canning tomatoes, maybe tomorrow if we have time after we go pick up a couple thousand pounds of GMO-free feed. Once we get the feed, we have to unload it and consolidate the remnants with the new and get everything situated. But, it is going to be very hot again tomorrow so we will likely spend the afternoon inside anyway. Once again, the animals aren’t all doing well. This time it involves the guardian dogs. I mentioned that Tank has occasionally decided to leave the sheep pasture and come hang out at the barn. We put him back but he finds places to get out of the fence and returns to the barn. We thought it wasn’t a huge deal because he just hangs out in the shade. That was until I started finding our barn cats, dead. So far, it’s been 2 cats and 1 kitten. We haven’t seen him in action, but it’s more than coincidence that when he started hanging out in the barn the cats started turning up dead. His entire time here on the farm—2 years, the cats have tormented him, hanging out just outside his electric fence while he barks and tries to make them leave his area. It would seem that he has decided to exact revenge for the hours of torment. As soon as we figured out what was happening, we moved him into the paddock with the bottle lambs which is securely wrapped with 3 strands of poly-wire charged at 11,000 volts. He is so gentle with us, visitors to the farm, and the sheep/lambs but it seems not with the cats. It’s a good thing we have lots of cats! The pic today is Stella sticking out her tongue while enjoying her breakfast snack.

We went to the processor today and picked up our beef and 4 lambs. I’ll go over the details. The beef weighed 707 pounds walking across the scales alive. His hanging weight was 386 or 54.6% of live weight. That wasn’t a bad conversion. We asked to have the beef processed into prime boneless steaks and hamburger and put 244.5 pounds of meat in the freezer, about 35% of live weight. We delivered 4 lambs with a total live weight of 290 pounds. Their combined hanging weight was 117 pounds, or 40% of live weight. We asked to have the lamb processed into prime chops and ground lamb and put 88 pounds of meat in the freezer, about 30% of live weight. We’re very excited to have lamb and beef for sale! We often get asked about it and are so disappointed to answer that we will soon. Now we can say “YES, we have beef and lamb, what would you like!”

Episode 1 of the Dust’er Mud Podcast is live! You can watch the video of our conversation at:

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Local Farm Report for 2 August 2023:


15 Chicken eggs

4 Duck eggs

6 1/2 Gallons of milk


Psycho & Shelley

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