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Air2Ground Farms Blog!

Welcome to our blog! This blog is a new venture for us as we endeavor to share the farm with our family and friends. Please have patience with us as we hone our blogging skills.

Happy Monday morning! Shelley and I conduct our version of a morning "staff meeting" each morning at 0500 (5:00AM for the non-military) over our first pot of coffee for the day. Today's meeting focused on our farm preparations for the bitter cold that is forecast this week. We will awake Friday morning to -5F temperature with 20-30mph winds, making the wind chill...well...very cold. The animals have all put on their winter coats as the temps have been dipping below freezing for the past few weeks. Everyone has shelter and we will get fresh straw today to add to their bedding. Everyone that is except for the beef cows who don't have beds but do have access to the woods and many cedar trees under which they like to shelter from the cold. Our cows, Red Devons, have the thickest hide of all cows! This certainly helps keep them warm. During the staff meeting, we also discussed our two Jersey heifers who are due to calve any day. We recently built them a "milk barn" with shelter from the wind and plenty of straw to keep them comfortable. Hopefully they don't decide to have those babies in the bitterest cold...we'll see. I'm off to do morning rounds, have a great day!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and many great memories from this holiday season! Cheers! Rich (Psycho) & Shelley

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