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1st 2023 Farm-baby

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 5 Jan 2023...

Hey Ya'll!!

A chilly good morning from the farm! We posed again for a pre-milking photo with Betty but later decided not to use that photo. Yesterday we continued tax prep to include stopping at several businesses around town to get year-end statements and W-9s. We refreshed our stock at The Little Farm Store and ensured the best sellers are in his inventory. We were unable to complete all of the planned farm projects, the sun set and we decided to push the task to refresh the straw until today. We will also attempt to secure a tarp over the garden area, allowing the soil to rest undisturbed throughout the rest of the winter. Tax prep continues.

Shipping update: We cleared our "Red X," the indicator on the grade-sheet that you performed below average and must redo that item, by successfully shipping a 14" cubic container to the Atlanta area with all pork frozen upon delivery! I give us a Slightly Above Average. Hopefully we are able to repeat that performance with our Florida shipment, and if so, I will be happy to declare we "Demonstrated Proficiency" or Demo-pro'd.

The big news for the day...while we were standing with Betty asking her when she was going to release her calf into the world, we looked up to see a new addition to the beef cow herd! One of our oldest and most experienced cows had a baby last night. She is a beautiful, spunky, healthy heifer calf. We are contemplating names and have yet to decide. After a very quick health check and photo op, she rejoined her mother and both are currently lounging in the sunshine. There is another beef cow that should calf anytime. And, of course, Betty the milk cow is due any moment. It is always a very happy day when healthy babies join the farm!

Local Farm Report:


21 Chicken eggs

9 Duck eggs

2 3/4 gallons of milk



Farm Additions:

1 Heifer beef calf


Rich & Shelley

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