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We heard you...and listened...and took action!  We designed a new line of "INSTEADER" merchandise.  Check out the new stuff!!

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Ava & Forsyth MO
Farmers Markets!

Pre-order our premium USDA inspected--GMO-free forested pork, grass-only beef, and pasture-raised GMO-free lamb and our on-farm processed pasture-raised GMO-free chicken.

We will have your order ready for pickup at the Ava or Forsyth Farmers Market on Saturdays during market hours!  

Get your orders in by 6:00pm Friday!  

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 We would LOVE to ship our products to you!  We are a very small farm and margins in farming are tight.  We tried offering free shipping by artificially inflating the price of our products and it just didn't feel right to us.  Therefore, we offer our products at their real price and then ask you to pay for shipping.  We hope you understand.  We're very happy you stopped by our store and look forward to sharing our amazing products with your family!

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About Us

Your Food...Our Mission!

We founded Air2Ground Farms with one goal in mind: producing high-quality meat for ourselves, family, friends, and community. In the process, we are dedicated to healing our land through regenerative farming practices. This results in not only healthy soil, but healthy animals...which provides you and your family health from within.  As Bryson at Beaver Creek Feed (our local non-GMO feed mill) says, "We are what they eat!"


After nearly 25 years in the US Air Force, we left our busy city life behind. We transitioned the dedication to mission and attention to detail learned while flying F-15Es and set out on a new mission.  Our mission is now health, from the inside out.  We humanely raise small batch, forested, and non-GMO pork; pastured non-GMO poultry; pasture-raised non-GMO lamb; and grass fed/finished beef.  It's not just food it's a mission! Check it out for yourself!

IMG_2826 (1).jpeg

Our beef herd consists of mostly Devon cattle that have good "grass genetics" and are great mothers. We also have a few black and red Angus.  We get our premium pure heritage breed Berkshire feeder pigs from Ozarks Heritage Farm. They are hand-fed non-GMO feed twice daily and spend their days lounging in and rooting through our forest.  We hand-raise GMO-free poultry on our pastures.  From the time they arrive on the farm as day-old chicks, they are fed GMO-free feed from local mills.  They spend the first 3-4 weeks in the brooder and then they move onto pasture for their remaining time on the farm.  We process birds on-farm and can provide amazing GMO-free chicken to our Missouri community.  We raise Katahdin hair-sheep on our pastures.  When necessary due to deficiencies in our pastures, we will supplement their daily grazing with GMO-free sheep ration from our local feed mill which allows us to provide awesome pasture-raised GMO-free lamb.  Our beef, pork, and lamb is USDA inspected so we can ship throughout the lower 48 states!


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