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Shipping Day

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 27 Dec 2022...

Hey Ya'll!

Good morning from A2G Farms! We awoke to another very cold morning and spent quite a while breaking through ice in the animals' water containers. The next few days are supposed to be much warmer so our cold hands will get a break. We finished the stanchion yesterday and tried it out for the afternoon milking. Happy and Betty were both restrained, as planned, but Betty was not interested in just standing there to get brushed when she finished her food. So, we were able to turn her loose and shut her out of the milking barn so I could finish milking Happy. The other animals on the farm are still doing very well.

Our big project for today is...shipping some of our amazing pork to our first two shipping customers in Florida and Kansas. It is hard to describe just how difficult it has been to get set up to ship a frozen meat product. That said, we believe we have figured it out and will ship our first two orders today. We had to find the correct size cardboard containers, the right thickness of insulative material, the right gel packs (or dry ice), the right shipping label platform (shipping containers of any size or weight is quite expensive without business accounts and label platforms), etc. We are thrilled to be shipping because it opens the door for our family and friends that live further away to enjoy the farm products. We waited until after Christmas to ship in the hopes of avoiding potential delays that could jeopardize the meat. Exciting...!!

Cheers! Rich & Shelley

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