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Farm Report

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 3 Jan 2023...

Hey Ya'll!!

Good morning from Free Missouri! We awoke to another dense fog morning but it quickly burned off to a mostly sunny, mild temperature day. The gallon of milk I discussed yesterday yielded a pint of heavy cream and I used a quart to make yogurt. The storms passed with nothing significant to report (NSTR for the USAF readers--a very common end of mission report following very long Operation Iraqi Freedom sorties). The farm tour yesterday was great! We spent a couple of hours discussing farm operations with a focus on our fencing solutions for rotational grazing of the beef cows and sheep. Thank you for the visit! I was serious when I offered a tour...we would love to show you around.

The major farm project for today is to prep for our business taxes. We missed every deadline last year due to our general ignorance of the requirements. We were amazingly able to avoid penalties, with the help of our awesome accountant, by claiming ignorance and begging forgiveness from the State, and genuflecting to the federal government including writing a letter requesting the $420 fine be waived for the one month we were late--unlike the USAF, in the real world there was no one there to check our diaper to ensure we hadn't pooped on ourselves ;-). Thus, we are now cognizant of the requirements and will get everything done in time this year.

I am going to add a daily section to the Blog called the "Local Farm Report" to share the results of our previous day's harvests and sales. So, here goes...

Local Farm Report 2 Jan 2023:


32 Chicken Eggs

10 Duck Eggs

3 Gallons of Milk


1 Whole Hog reserved for spring

1 Order for "The 14" from the online Shipping Shop


Rich & Shelley

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