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Episode 10 Preview...

Colonel's Blog, Earthdate 4 October 2023...

Hey Y'all!

This evening, I'm sharing the description and link to this week's episode of the Dust'er Mud Podcast. It goes live at 0300 EDT, 5 October. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

🎙 Dust'er Mud Podcast - Episode 10: The Magic of Raw A2/A2 Jersey Milk

Welcome back to Episode 10 of the Dust'er Mud podcast, where tradition meets modernity, and we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of sustainable farming in the Ozarks!

🌱 Farm Update:

- Exciting news! We just picked up our freshly processed pork, ensuring farm-to-fork quality.

- Our precious lambs have taken their journey to the processor. Every step, filled with care.

- We joyously welcomed our new batch of layer chicks, although their first night was nothing short of an adventure! Dive in to hear the tale.

- Remember Betty, our beloved Jersey cow? We're thrilled to report she's on her way to a full recovery!

🍶 Deep Dive into A2/A2 Milk:

- Ever wondered about the health implications of A2/A2 milk and how it stands out from its counterpart? We've got all the answers!

- Explore the raw vs. pasteurized debate, discover the unique characteristics of Jersey cows, and journey through the history of milk consumption.

- Understand the relationship between A1 beta-casein, opioid receptors, and digestion. It's more intriguing than you might think!

🔍 Current Event - Military Focus:

- Military recruiting and barracks have been in the spotlight recently. We share our insights and updates on these crucial topics, discussing their broader impact on service members' lives and the future of the military.

Embrace tradition, understand science, and celebrate the beauty of farm life with us. As always, we bridge the past and the present, bringing forward fascinating discussions for our community.

📌 Coming Up! Join us next time as we introduce a new segment to our podcast, featuring guest speakers who will share their unique transition stories to life in the Ozarks.

Liked the episode? Give us a thumbs up, subscribe, and hit that notification bell so you never miss an update! Your feedback is our motivation. Drop a comment and share your thoughts!

Link to Dust'er Mud Episode 10:

Local Farm Report for 2 & 3 October 2023


10 Chicken eggs

19 Duck eggs

5 1/4 Gallons of milk

847 Pounds of premium heritage Berkshire pork in the freezers

Cheers! Psycho & Shelley

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